The Festival

Festival of contemporary circus and street theatre

The Muja Buskers Festival was born in 2017 from the idea of resuming the Children’s Theatre Festival (festival di Teatro ragazzi) of the ’80s which had spotlighted the town of Muggia in the province of Trieste, on the border with Slovenia.


Thus, the founding members of the festival gathered in Muggia from different places in Italy and gave life to the “Sparpagliati” Association to organise the event. From the very beginning, “Sparpagliati” aimed at making the festival a peculiar and unique event. This is why it was organised to be a celebration of contemporary circus and street theatre. In fact, during the days of the Muja, we believe that the circus has the ability to transform the artists, the public, and the volunteers into a single community.

In the recent years, thousands of spectators of all ages have crowded the streets and squares of the coastal town during the Buskers’ weekends, reaching an average of 12,000 participants every year. For this reason, the Muja Buskers Festival traces its path together with the public, who not only has the opportunity to attend consolidated Italian and international performances which have been on stage for some time, but also has the chance to experience the creative process that leads to a new show, together with the very artists. This union has enhanced two aspects: the artists accelerate their creative process by directly interacting with each other, and the public gradually discovers the different shades of contemporary circus expressions. This unique atmosphere is what makes the event a circus celebration.

The Festival organisers

Muja Buskers Festival is organised by Associazione culturale Sparpagliati with the support of the Municipality of Muggia and Riccardo Strano as artistic director.

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