Muja Buskers Festival 2020

23rd – 30th AUGUST 2020

Muggia, Italy

Muja Buskers Festival 2020
The Healing edition

We believe that cultural activities, art, street theatre, music, and volunteering are a precious element in a community’s life.

We want to try to stay together taking care of each other, also through a strict respect of the many new rules, and we will be driven by our usual curiosity to be transported into enchanted worlds.

This seven-days of shows and many free encore performances will give everyone the chance to participate!

Booking is compulsory. Reserve yours now!


Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you the Muja Buskers 2020!

A great preview from Sunday 23rd August to Thursday 27th August! MadgaClan will perform in a blue big top in Largo Alto Adriatico.

From Friday 28th to Sunday 30th August, the shows will continue in the magnificent big top and will also populate the Ricreatorio Penso, the Library, and the Teatro Verdi in the centre of Muggia. Magic is guaranteed!


Performances of Music, Clowning, Contemporary Circus, Tightrope, Juggling, Aerial Rope, and Puppet Shows will gift you with poetry and bright up your day.
Discover all the artists of Muja Buskers Festival 2020.

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